Winston Churchill said of our debt to the Jews,
"We owe to the Jews a system of ethics which, even if it were entirely
separated from the supernatural, would be the most precious possession
of mankind, worth, in fact, the fruit of all other wisdom and learning together."

Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick

The Better Angels of Our Nature

We need women to save us (from ourselves)

Can Women "Save the World" (or is it just wishful thinking?)

The Margarete Mitscherlich Thesis

The Future is Feminine: Margarete Mitscherlich-Nielsen, who is called the "Grande Dame of German psychoanalysis." Above all, her book Die friedfertige Frau. Eine psychoanalytische Untersuchung zur Aggression der Geschlechter (The peaceable sex: On aggression in women and men). Mitscherlich argues, as well in the follow-up Die Zukunft ist weiblich (The future is feminine) pleading for values to become more feminine, even men's values.

Just think about it. "Over the long sweep of history, women have been and will be a pacifying force. Traditional war is a man’s game: tribal women never band together to raid neighboring villages." As mothers, women have evolutionary incentives to maintain peaceful conditions in which to nurture their offspring and ensure that their genes survive into the next generation.

Can Women Save the World?

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Ann Coulter and JJ Walker
Une femme fatale

Une femme fatale est un personnage type qui utilise le pouvoir de la sexualité pour piéger le héros
malchanceux. La femme fatale est généralement décrite comme une femme sexuellement insatiable.

The gurus are always saying things like white women will save the world. White women will save the human race (When, some future Golden Age? The new world coming called the promised land??) Well, how about if women save the Republican Party? Seems like they could use a little saving right now.

Reince Priebus said they were going to concentrate on attracting more minorities and more women to the Republican party, since it would be a "natural fit." Minorities and women would benefit most from Republican family values and Traditionalism. But what happened? Somebody did not quite follow through. The "old white boy" network put a stop to that sort of talk.

Senator Lindsey Graham told them, "Wake up you guys. We aren't making very many 'old white guys' in the new America." And pushing out women and minorities is not a very prudent plan.

Dana Loesch
"Size Does Matter"

Dana Loesch Is there Anyone Who Can Draw More Minorities Into the Republican Party?
America's Inner Cities are about to explode. Urban violence is at an all time boiling point. Drugs, guns and violence are everywhere. Police are afraid to enter large sections of urban neighborhoods for fear of riling up the gangsters and drugsters, and when they do (if they dare) they often make things worse. Even suburban Ferguson seems to be classic textbook of how to do everything wrong.

Who has the needed magic touch (I doubt anyone has). Malcolm X once said only God can save America (from the racial problem). Why is there so much hate? Why do white cops seem to go out of their way to target young black males? In fact blacks or browns of almost any age. People of color are the age-old enemy of the Republican Party. Oh, not in Lincoln's day, when the "grand old party" was abolitionist and liberal, the friend of blacks and idealists -- the "freesoil" Yankee party.

Today's Republican party has been rescued from Lincoln and the liberals, and the socialist do-gooders (Jesus Christ and so forth). Today, Republicans like Rush Limbaugh rub it in the noses of minorities that they are not welcome in the modern Republican party. See Sandra Fluke, the butt of a thousand Limbaugh jokes. Women have no business getting an education (says Rush). After all, he did just fine without a college degree, or law degree. Sandra Fluke had both. (But she's a slut).

PICTURED : Dana Loesch - girls like 'em BIG

We Need More Guns On Our Cities Streets

Republicans are friends of the NRA and the manufacturers of guns (the armaments industry). And yes, indirectly --- the best friends the gang-bangers and drug dealers have. Liberals make fun of the hypocrisy of the gun lobby (People's Cube, Funny or Die, the Onion), but what is the solution? Obviously, gang-bangers want guns. Gun manufacturers supply guns of every kind for the gangs and drugsters. It is a natural alliance. Money rules. It's the American way.

The book-cover (Dana Loesch) makes an interesting point. There is an evil plot to disarm the inner city (black men) of their masculinity. Someone needs to reassure them that they are needed and wanted and we will not try to disarm them of their masculinity (their guns). The solution is for conservative babes to reach out and show them they are appreciated and valued, and that their masculinity is superb, just the way it is. No one is gonna take those big guns from you. The women won't let them. SIZE DOES MATTER.


Why do police forces in big cities always want gun control?

Self preservation, maybe?

In every advanced mammalian species that survives and thrives, a common anthropological characteristic is the fierce behavior of
the adult female of the species when she senses a threat to her cubs. The lioness, the tigress and the mama bear are all examples.

~ Marianne Williamson ~

Did you know Angie Harmon is conservative?

Angie HarmonWhy are conservative women so hot? Good question. A UCLA study proved it astoundingly, but had no explanation WHY. The media can't seem to get a handle on it. Pop culture doesn't really provide a satisfying answer. The academic sexologists sure are not giving us much to go on -- at least not in layman's language.

So why are conservative chicks so sexy? Well, no one really has an answer, unless it's the simple smirk that it is all stereotype -- ninety percent hype created by liberals to win over the ugly vote. If the majority of women are less attractive, perhaps a little jealousy will push them over to the liberals.

All we know is -- the men don't seem to be complaining.

All we know is -- the media doesn't seem to be complaining.

And Fox news seems to have no trouble discovering fresh (and sexy) talent.

Recently, Ann Coulter got very clear on the subject. "All pretty girls are right-wingers.

She gave her personal conviction. "I think all real females are right-wingers," she said. "And I can tell you that based on experience -- and my bodyguard will back me up on this -- all pretty girls are right-wingers."

That still does not answer the question. Why are conservative gals so sexy? I sure don't have any scientific answers but I do have a conjecture. Many conservative women are more traditional. Often they have a religious milieu somewhere in their heritage. Occasionally some come from a gentrified family of some status or social standing. Or in any event, they do not suppress their womanly side. They do not suppress their femininity. See Conjecture

And So Is Sarah Michelle Gellar

End Human Rights Violations

Jay Sekulow had demanded an end to the persecution of Christians and Women in Taliban-afflicted areas

"I don't mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is education. And I'm afraid of no one."
[Malala Yousafzai]

Will women save the Republicans
(if minorities join in) ?

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter

Israel in Global Forefront of Cutting Edge Medical Research

Investment outlays bearing fruit
American funding sources have seen the profitability of investing considerable support for research in Israel. This is about scientific/medical research to develop medications and medical inventions. From which US receives the benefits: MS medications, vaccine for Ebola, heart meds, now the new method for stopping bleeding of our soldiers by a foam that covers the impact wounds and stops bleeding. Bonding material to hold skin folds that are torn or cut in accidents bypassing staples, and sewing. Not to mention cancer reserach on the new method developed that freezes the cancer tumors so that the whole tumor can be removed at one time without spreading the cancers. Don't forget that without that Aid to Israel you wouldn't have a smart phone, your computer wouldn't work, you can't watch your TV or movies on your computer screen. It would take pages to write all Israel shares with the USA.

Canada is also involved in it
The Israel Cancer Research Fund does much good. The ICRF was founded in 1975 by a group of American and Canadian physicians, scientists and lay people who sought to prevent the permanent loss of Israel's most promising cancer researchers to foreign universities due to the lack of funding in Israel for newly minted Ph.D.s, post-doctoral fellows and accomplished young scientists (a phenomenon known to many as Israel's "brain drain"). With chapters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Jerusalem, ICRF annually sponsors a rigorous grant review process conducted by an expert panel of U.S. and Canadian scientists and oncologists, and modeled on the NIH grant-making process.

Worldwide reputation continues to grow
Israel is renowned for its excellence in medical research. It boasts an infrastructure of medical and paramedical research and bio-engineering capabilities facilitating a wide range of scientific inquiry.

As the scope of medical research in Israel covers a huge spectrum of clinical and basic research activities, presenting a comprehensive overview of medical research and innovations would be a mammoth task. It is important to convey highlights of medical innovation in Israel today. We report on activities that we feel best represent the reality and potential of medical research currently being conducted in Israel.

A broad scope of new technologies have emerged
The innovations are diverse — from the development of a cardiac device to open arteries, to a laser technique to improve in-vitro fertilization success rates; from gene manipulation designed to equip cells with the ability to withstand chemotherapy, to bone marrow transplant techniques that may eliminate the need for chemotherapy entirely; from prenatal diagnoses for a rare but lethal hereditary disease to pre-implantation diagnosis for one of the most common hereditary diseases.

And then there is Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana has numerous applications. Cancer treatments. Pain control. Nausea control. Highly effective for select cancer treatments, HIV patients and AID patients. Even epilepsy reversal is known.

How Did Israel Become a Medical Marijuana Powerhouse

Act for America

Brigitte Gabriel